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Main » 2013 » July » 23 » Pack Your Bag , Come With Me And Have A Trip
10:37 AM
Pack Your Bag , Come With Me And Have A Trip
There must have some reason for someone is on the way, such as realize dream, for passion, or experience of life,and for freedom, all in all, when you set foot on the road, your Travel story is beginning.

In this years’s birthday party, I see the moon and the North Star, I have an idea in my hear, I wanna see how is the Northeast of the sky,with this question, I pack my bag,I set out, yes ,I am on the way. Do you?

She is a pretty girl from Chongqing, and have a beautiful handwriting, also have a special bond with motor,at the beginning, she see his father’s motor which is 100 cc and made in China, she learned how to ride a motor, to one’s surprise, he just spend ten minutes to ride it successful. After that ,when she has graduated, she has first motor of her own when she worked.

Then she take part in the motor trip which motor fans organized first time, she likes it so much , she must fall in love with the trip at first time.after that ,she traveled around the China. Many cities she had been there, such as Shanghai, Yunnan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenzheng. Her friends all admire and praise her. She feel so happy that she can do something she like, she feel happiness and free , I know she enjoy this feeling.applaud for her. She is so amazing. She is striving for her dream.

But what the attitude of her parents, do they support it or oppose it? She said, her parents support it, from my childhood, I ride a motor to school, I think they may be accustomed to my behavior,so thanks my father and mother for supporting me to realize my dream,I will take care myself in the trip, don’t hurt an more.

And what is the motive power push you forward to make this decision? She told me, she see the word from a book. Mr Zhang said: unexpected things and tomorrow, which one will be here earlier? No one knows ,because the life is weak, we can’t lengthen its 

length. But we can enrich its content , make our life change into more colorful and varied in postures, in a word ,the life’s width the motor trip is my favourate activity, so why I wait here, nothing I can gain, so I step the first step, I wanna walk more nearer to my dream.till I can touch it, I make my effort for that day to coming.I can’t miss everything.

At last ,let’s share a lot of sunny things in her journey, she said,she find a most beautiful place when they ride a motor, its scenery is so charming, looks like a landscape of nature, with cold and fresh air , you are free of mind and happy of heart, and you just feel you are in a picture, so beautiful , A field of  yellow and purple flowers blooming in the large grasslands, the blue and clear sky, especially in the morning, when you get up ,walk out from the tent, breath deeply the fresh air, and close your eyes, be quiet. Use your heart to Feel the wind and sunshine, and the bird singing, nose the fragrance of a flower, oh, I must be in the paradise. Are you moved? Pack your bag and come with me and have motor trip. I am waiting you here.come on, my friends, my lovey motor fans.
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