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Main » 2013 » September » 7 » How To Choose Bicycle Derailleurs
10:07 AM
How To Choose Bicycle Derailleurs
Your bicycle needs two derailleurs so your bicycle chain can move from one sprocket to the other. There are 2 kinds of bicycle derailleurs-the front gear and the rear gear. The former controls the bicycle gear to shift the front chain rings of your bike, while the latter controls the changes in your bicycle's rear gears or cassette. There are only subtle differences in bicycle derailleurs; they have similar function of switching the bicycle chain from one chainring to the next. Also, it will switch the chain from one gear to another on the bicycle cassette. Below are tips and guides on how to choose bicycle derailleurs.

Understand all you can about derailleurs. Buying derailleurs might confuse you because there are technical aspects to learn like finding the specific measurements that will suit your bicycle. Refer on your drivetrain to select the derailleur that you need. Drivetrain is the bicycle part that makes your bike run. Determine the tooth capacity of your bicycle. It is the difference between the smallest and the biggest chainrings for the front derailleur. Also, determine the total capacity of the tooth variation between the smallest and biggest cog capacity of the rear derailleur.

Determine your preferred derailleur design. The main differences in design are focus on the kind of crankset where the bicycle chain in installed. Triple bicycle cranksets uses a broader inside plate, which is shorter. Remember that the chain ring set-up, the front derailleur, and your bike's left shifter must match. You can change your crankset from reverse, double, and triple, but you also need to change your shifter and derailleur if you need to change your crankset 50cc scooters parts.

There are various choices in choosing a rear derailleur design because there are many chainring designs as well. Your left derailleur has a longer cage. Use it with your triple cranskset. Rear derailleurs are often utilized with cassettes that have 10 speeds or less. Right derailleurs must be used with double cranksets. Longer derailleurs must be used with triple cranksets because a wider chain movement is needed. The materials used in derailleur will determine its price. The more exotic and lighter the derailleur, the more expensive it is.

Determine your preferred derailleur manufacturer. There are many derailleur manufacturers to choose from. among them are Tourney, Sram, Shirmano, Campagnolo, and Bianchi. There are two main types of derailleurs that these manufacturers make. The first type is for the professional bicycle racers, and the other type is for bicycle enthusiasts or novice bicycle racers. Materials that are used in racing bicycles differ; the materials used can be titanium instead of carbon fiber or aluminum. The materials used in gears and bearings may also differ. Racing bicycles are lighter but much expensive. The weight of racing bicycles is measured in grams. Entry level bicycles are hundred grams lighter than their racing counterparts.

Before buying a new derailleur, ensure that it cannot be easily bend. And visit different bicycle stores so you can canvass for the best product quality and the best prices offered. If you don't have much of a know-how in assembling bicycles, then ask the bicycle salesperson or bring someone who has a deep understanding of bicycles and derailleurs to help you.

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