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Main » 2013 » August » 31 » How do you make a car faster
10:47 AM
How do you make a car faster
Ahh another honda, 96 civic i hope that you have a vetech engine, you can put a turbo kit on it be cautious with a honda engine it won be able to handle more than 8 pounds of boost being a factory block and head, another thing is exaust system, intake and headers, in which the exuast system includes piping from the cat back and free flow cat, then you want a nice cam and cam gears. Then i recommend you swap out the brains, and get a msd ignition, change out the injectors and the throttle body and fuel pump to match that of a b-16, take you head down to a honda performance shop and have them port and polish the head, and why the head is off throw some valve springs in there, and if you wanna go major throw some new pistons in the and boare it out. 

Then start thinking about pulleys and a stage 2 or 3 clutch. Then if your still in need of extra power balance and blueprint the block to allow your engine to go to higher rpm then start thinking about vetech controllers and wastegates and custom intercooler with nos direct spray into the intercooler to cool it down. 

Then if your still looking for more power try connecting rods and or a stroker kit, and roller rockers, then start thinking about the drive train, short throw if its a manuel, and a shift kit if its auto, mabye a whole new tranny in all. then axsels and then start thinking about the wheight ratios change out the battery from a 18 lb battery to a 3 lb battery, if you dont need your rear seats get rid of them, dorr panels, the dash can go if you really get this car for speed and only speed, well i know that is alot of stuff so if you just wanna do one cheap thing to your car to get it to be faster im sorry but you will never notice a difference with just one part, your best bet would be to either do a b-18 swap or better a k series engine for that year would be good and still affordable.


there is a lot you could do, cold air intake, MSD, new fuel rail, fuel regulator, throttle body, valve job, bore out your cylinders, bigger pistons for higher compression, superchrger if you want instant power with no lag, there are nitrous kits that spray only when you hit full accelerator and shut off when you let off the gas (full throttle really is the only time i believe you should use nitrous) Overall you could put about 10,000 into a motor really quick. The new car will still have room for upgrades where as your old car will be tuned to the max. Food for thought. I love prodject cars! in the end, you made it quick not some dealer. Best of luck!

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